What discomfort are massages really effective?

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What discomfort are massages really effective?

In general, the common diseases that massage is good at are neck, shoulder, waist and leg pain, including pillow, cervical spondylosis, shoulder leakage, lumbar disc herniation, acute lumbar sprain, wrong suture of vertebrae, and tendon injury of limbs and joints. At the same time, massage is also used for stroke rehabilitation.

In addition, abdominal massage can also treat many gynecological diseases, such as dysmenorrhea, irregular menstruation, chronic gastritis, cholecystitis, diarrhea, constipation and so on.

Children’s diseases treated by massage include diarrhea, constipation, cough, cough and asthma, myopia, children’s enuresis and torticollis; With chiropractic as the basic technique, children’s massage can also be used as the main method of children’s health care.

What effect does massage have?

Massage has the functions of dredging meridians, promoting qi and blood circulation, regulating tendons and restoring, smoothing joints, adjusting viscera function and enhancing disease resistance.

1、 Dredge meridians, promote qi and blood circulation

Massage manipulation acts on meridians and acupoints, which can dredge meridians, promote qi and blood circulation, disperse cold and relieve pain. The dredging function has two meanings. Firstly, the direct stimulation of manipulation on the human body surface promotes the operation of Qi and blood. Secondly, it works on the body surface through manipulation to produce thermal effect, which accelerates the flow of Qi and blood.

2、 Straighten tendons, repair and smooth joints

Muscles, bones and joints are the moving organs of the human body. The harmony of Qi and blood and the balance of yin and yang can ensure that the muscles and bones of the body are strong and the joints are smooth, so as to maintain the normal daily life and activity function. The restoration technique of massage can correct the tendon groove and bone dislocation through the direct action of mechanics, so as to achieve the purpose of tendon restoration; The combination of passive and active movements can relax adhesion and smooth joints.

3、 Enhance the ability of disease resistance

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that the whole process of the occurrence, development and prognosis of diseases is the result of the struggle between healthy and evil Qi and the rise and fall of diseases. The treatment of visceral diseases by manipulation is reflected in three aspects: first, on the corresponding acupoints on the body surface, manipulation is mediated by the meridians; The second is the organic pathological changes of the viscera, which play a role through functional regulation; Third, manipulation has a two-way regulating effect on the function of Zang Fu organs, and the manipulation should be dialectically appropriate. Through the adjustment of viscera function, massage can make the body in a good functional state, which is conducive to stimulate the disease resistance factors in the body and support the right and dispel the evil.

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