Deep tissue massage therapy Spas in Montreal Downtown

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Deep tissue massage therapy Spas in Montreal Downtown

 With the development of economy, massage technology has developed rapidly.Deep tissue massage comes from USD and has a history of 5000 months. Relevant data show that both the three-month change and the year-on-year change are 0%, which is in a moderate position in the competitive position. The index value is 63, the low magnification of the header bid is 0.57, and the high magnification of the header bid is 2.21。With the improvement of living standards, people have a great demand for physical relaxation. Massage is a good way to relax.

What is deep tissue massage?

Deep tissue massage (DTM) mainly involves the body, including fascia, muscles, joints and other related tissues. Compared with other common massage, such as Swedish massage or finger massage, deep tissue massage is usually slower and deeper into the body. Therefore, massage therapists exert deep pressure on the target area of the body, plus most deep tissue massage is usually concentrated on major muscle groups, such as the neck or lower back; And the easily injured joints and tendons, so deep tissue massage is also known as “sports massage”. The automatic massage gun often seen recently is a tool for deep massage.

Whether you are a professional athlete who exercises a lot every day or someone who is undergoing physical therapy, deep tissue massage can bring many benefits to your body. The main purpose of deep tissue massage is to reduce muscle soreness and discomfort, and improve the body’s self-healing ability。

What benefits does deep tissue massage bring to the body?

1.Treatment of chronic back pain

According to a specific research report published in the study of health technology and informatics in 2012, two different studies on massage in the treatment of chronic back pain were compared, especially for 26 patients with chronic back pain aged 60-75, who were divided into two groups. The first group was treated with therapeutic massage, and the second group was treated with deep tissue massage. Each massage lasted 30 minutes for 10 days, and they stopped the treatment they had received during the study. Finally, it was found that the deep tissue massage group achieved more improvement in pain than the therapeutic massage group.In addition, a study published in science world daily in 2014 also found that DTM alone had a similar effect on reducing patients’ chronic back pain than massage and NSAID painkillers。

2.Helps reduce high blood pressure

A study published in the medical journal found that deep tissue massage had a positive effect on systolic, diastolic and mean arterial blood pressure readings in adults with pain and hypertension. In this study, 263 volunteers with an average age of 48.5 years were recruited. Before treatment, the overall muscle spasm / muscle strain of each patient was moderate or severe, followed by 45-60 minutes of massage and 21 kinds of soothing music. Afterwards, Scheffe’s F test machine was used to analyze the data. The results showed that after massage treatment, the average systolic blood pressure decreased by 10.4 mm / Hg and diastolic blood pressure decreased by 5.3 mm / Hg, The mean arterial pressure decreased by 7.0 mm / Hg and the mean heart rate decreased by 10.8 beats / min.

3.Reduce stress and muscle tension

Inflammation caused by chronic stress and muscle tension can lead to deterioration of overall health, prolonged recovery time, decreased immune function and cardiovascular problems, such as hypertension. A series of studies have found that massage therapy can help reduce cortisol levels and even promote the production of oxytocin. Over the years, the study of oxytocin has been very important for controlling people’s various behaviors and emotional reactions. Now scientists have found that it is likely that all relevant brain biochemical mechanisms involving psychological, sensory and emotional functions are closely related to oxytocin.Several mechanisms of deep massage for natural stress relief include its ability to dilate blood vessels and the activity of lower limbic system (including hypothalamus), which is responsible for the regulation of autonomic nervous system and cortisol secretion. Through the measurement of heart rate, blood pressure and heart rate variability, it is proved that massage can improve relaxation by enhancing the activity of parasympathetic nervous system

4.Improve motor recovery and performance

The research report published in the Journal of sports medicine and sports fitness found that deep tissue massage showed a positive trend in improving exercise recovery and performance. The most beneficial deep tissue massage for athletes is considered sports massage, which is usually carried out before the start of sports to help warm the body and prevent injury or improve recovery immediately.
The report shows that sports massage science has become a project of increasing interest to athletes, sports trainers, coaches and sports physiologists. This study also shows that deep tissue massage can help improve lactate clearance, delay muscle soreness, muscle fatigue, injury prevention and injury treatment. In addition, the researchers also pointed out that athletes receiving massage have psychological benefits. In addition, other studies have shown that they can improve attention and confidence. Although this study still needs more research data analysis and support in the long run, the psychological effects of tissue healing and massage are helpful for professional and amateur athletes.

5.Reduce arthritis symptoms

According to the Arthritis Foundation, massage can often be used to relieve common symptoms of many types of arthritis, including chronic joint pain, stiffness, anxiety, limited range of joint movement and difficulty sleeping. Whether performed by professionals or by patients themselves, massage can be used every day for natural relief.Studies have shown that a more stressful and healthier massage can significantly reduce arthritis pain compared to a lighter massage. Lighter massages tend to cause (no relaxation) because the heart rate tends to rise. However, under moderate stress, the heart rate usually drops, which stimulates relaxation and reduces tension.

6.Help pregnant women with labor pain

Many pregnant women are now turning to complementary drugs to help control labor pain and support natural childbirth processes such as Bradley’s method. In fact, the survey shows that the most common alternative therapies recommended during pregnancy are massage therapy (61%), acupuncture (45%), relaxation (43%), yoga (41%) and chiropractic therapy (37%).Some studies have shown that massage therapy can be effective in reducing anxiety during pregnancy, while pregnant women who receive massage before and during delivery have fewer symptoms such as depression, anxiety, leg and back pain. In addition, another study found that women who received massage before and during delivery had significantly reduced pain, their delivery time was shortened by an average of 3 hours, and their drug demand was less. In addition, pregnant women could better prevent the risk of fetal hyperactivity and premature delivery due to the reduction of cortisol level and improved blood flow after massage.

Where is it? What’s the working environment like

This deep tissue massage comes from the city of USD. You are very welcome to experience deep tissue massage to ensure that you will linger and forget to return after the experience, which will be a pleasant experience. Each massage room is an independent room, which will be cleaned every day, so each massage room is very clean and tidy. While massage, there is wonderful music to enjoy, so that you can relax your body and enjoy your spirit at the same time.

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