What are the benefits of back massage for the body

Massage is a way of relaxation for many people now, especially back massage is the choice of many people, in fact, back massage has many benefits to the human body, let’s take a look at what these benefits are.

What are the benefits of back massage for the body
  1. Relieve shoulder and spine pain

Humans need frequent activities to be good for our joints, bones, etc., but most people’s work and living habits in modern times are to sit in front of a computer desk for a long time and watch a computer, or lie in bed and watch a mobile phone.

Once a movement is maintained for a long time, it will cause great harm to our shoulders and spine. Frequent massage on the back can help us relax the meridians and collaterals, relieve the discomfort of the shoulders and spine, and long-term persistence can also prevent shoulder pain. periarthritis, cervical spondylosis.

  1. Relieve fatigue

Everyone has their own life, study and work. Do you feel tired after a day of study, life and work? Friends who feel tired, you can have a proper back massage, which can relieve your fatigue.

Sedentary office workers are prone to backaches and so-called “occupational diseases” because they maintain one posture for a long time. Timely massage on the back can alleviate this problem very well.

  1. Improve sleep quality

Nowadays, people generally have poor sleep quality, such as light sleep, easy awakening, difficulty in falling asleep, dreaming and palpitation, waking up with a dizzy head, etc. These are related to the strong heart fire. Massage on the back corresponding to the heart can improve sleep quality and help The brain gets a good rest, which promotes the health of the body.

Do you usually go for a massage? Do you think massage is a good way to relax?

When a person is tired for a day, the body will feel tired, especially after sitting and working for a day, the back, shoulders, neck and other parts become stiff and uncomfortable. If you want to relieve the fatigue of the day, you can try to massage the back. This is because there are many meridians and acupuncture points on the back. Massage and massage on the back with appropriate techniques can not only relieve the fatigue of the day, relieve muscle tension, but also promote blood circulation. So, how to massage the back effect will be better?

There are many methods of back massage, such as pushing the back, stepping on the back, pinching the back, chiropractic, acupoint pressing, rolling massage and so on.

  1. Push back

Pushing the back refers to using the base of the palms on both sides of the spine, with appropriate strength, rubbing and pushing from top to bottom, all the way to the waist, and then from the beginning, and this is repeated for more than ten times. After the spine is pressed, use the palm of your hand to push and knead other parts of the back in a large area until the back is slightly hot.

  1. Step on the back

The massager needs to press on the appropriate position of the back with the sole of the foot until the back is a little “loose”.

  1. Pinch the back

Back pinching, in simple terms, is to use both hands to pinch the skin and muscles of the back, and then knead and turn the pinched meat with skillful force, and keep pinching until the back feels hot and relaxed.

  1. Chiropractic

This method is to press and pinch the spine as the center. This method is very helpful for people who are often hunched or bowed.

  1. Acupuncture points

This method is to find the corresponding acupoints on the back and tap, and use the efficacy of the acupoints to promote the regulation of the body and the treatment of disease symptoms.

  1. Rolling Massage

This method requires the use of fists, grasping the hands into fists, rolling and massaging the back with the protruding joints outside the fists, and rolling and pressing from top to bottom repeatedly.

The above types of back massage methods are relatively common, but back massage cannot be done by one person and needs assistance from others. When we want to perform back massage, it is best to choose some formal institutions for it, otherwise it will not work. Not only is it useless to the body’s exhaustion, but sometimes it may also cause certain damage to the body.

In addition to back massage, there are other health care methods for the back such as scraping, cupping, moxibustion, fire therapy, etc. These are relatively common Chinese medicine health care methods. Long-term adherence to back massage has many benefits, which can relax the meridians and activate collaterals, promote blood circulation, Relieve physical fatigue, promote metabolism, etc., and can also help lose weight, shape and many other effects.


Since all parts of the back correspond to the internal organs of the human body, the back also needs to be well maintained, especially not to let the back get cold, otherwise it will easily cause physical discomfort. Although it is impossible to observe the situation of the back often, we should also pay more attention to the back, and if some abnormal conditions are found, we should conduct self-examination on the body in time to see where there is a problem in the body, adjust it in time, and stop the loss in time.

Massage has always been a very convenient way to maintain health. Whether it is massage on the back or on other acupoints or parts of the body, it can have certain health-care effects. We only need to develop the habit of kneading and pressing in the interval of our rest and stimulate some acupoints to achieve the corresponding health benefits.

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