Reflexology Massage Near Me(Montreal massage QA)

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Reflexology Massage Near Me(Montreal massage QA)

1. What is the difference between the foot reflex area and the foot acupoint?

The foot reflex area refers to the physiological and pathological information area of each organ demarcated according to the theory of bioholoembryo. Foot acupoints refer to meridian points, which are determined according to the meridian and collaterals theory of traditional Chinese medicine.

What is the difference between the foot reflex area and the foot acupoint?

2. Is the foot reflection area the bottom of the foot?

Foot ministry reflex area includes all reflex area of foot bottom, foot inside, foot outside, foot dorsum and foot small leg, point to the reflex area of foot bottom not only.

3. What is the basis for locating the foot reflection area? Why is it objective and scientific?

The location of foot reflex area is based on “bioholoembryo theory”. “Biological holographic embryo theory” put forward: the biology (including human) of each component, even small to a cell, the basic structure of the original form is the entire life underneath characteristics, that is to say, the biology (including human) of every cell, every organization and every organ and so on as the epitome of a whole, it contains all the whole. Physiological and pathological information and energy composition of each part. Can truly reflect all the characteristics of the whole. Therefore, each part is actually a reduced whole. The same goes for the feet. Accordingly, localization of sufficient ministry reflex area is objective, scientific.

4. Is the size and depth of the foot reflection area the same for each person?

Each person’s foot ministry reflex area contains physiological, pathological information is not the same, its area has big small, the position has deep shallow, some shot area has overlap have cross, is a stereo area.

5. Is it necessary for people who seem to be healthy to have adequate health care?

The great part of human body state is in inferior health, the body often is how many lurking inside some factors of mental and physical disease, foot massage health care can make the body relax, enhance immunity, promote the body’s aerobic blood circulation, enhance nerve reflex, dredging the channels, adjust the function of each part, reach the role of health care.

6. Are the reflex areas of the foot the same?

Is not the same. There are massage a reflex area can play a role in the treatment of several diseases of health care, there are also massage several reflex areas play a role in the treatment of health care of a disease.

7. Why massage the whole foot first when you press the health care?

The body is an organic combination of all tissues and organs, all tissues and organs are related to each other, an organ is sick, leading to other functions of disease, full foot massage can adjust the coordination of all organs of the body, enhance the function of all organs.

8. Is there a priority for foot care?

From the kidney of sufficient bottom → ureter → bladder begins commonly, from plantar toe → sufficient heel again, it is sufficient next in turn inside → sufficient outside → the order of sufficient back. First left foot then right foot, grasp this order is based on the direction of promoting blood return to the body operation.

9. How to grasp the strength of health care?

It is to want light gimmick first generally, again according to each person to the strength of the ability to bear by light to heavy according to the body strong, weak and determined.

What is the rule of foot treatment?

What is the rule of foot treatment?

General treatment of a single disease than a variety of diseases quickly; New diseases are treated faster than old ones; Mild illness than serious disease quickly; Young people work faster than old people.

Learning foot health care treatment of the most important is to learn to master what?

The accurate positioning of the location of the reflection area, the memory of the name of the reflection area, the distribution of the reflection area, the weight of the massage strength, the correct grasp of the technique posture, the technique of supporting the degree of proficiency.

12. How to do if the reflex area is not accurately mastered when learning foot health care?

Can remember the name of the side of practice, while asking the teacher, beginners can also use a marker pen in each foot reflection area to draw a mark, mainly repeated practice operation, strengthen memory, over time can practice can make perfect, accurate positioning.

13. How long is the proper time for health care?

The time that completes double sufficient by program commonly is advisable with 30, 40 minutes. Have serious hypertension, heart disease or other serious disease patients to reduce, master in 10-20 minutes is appropriate.

14, according to the full treatment of the need for a course of treatment? How many times is appropriate for a course of treatment?

Generally need to set up a course of treatment, conducive to the improvement of the disease. 7-10 times for a course of treatment, after a course of treatment can rest 2-3 days, and then the next course of treatment.

15. Is it necessary to learn human physiology, pathology, anatomy and other knowledge when learning foot reflexology?

It is necessary to study human physiology, pathology, anatomy and so on. In the diagnosis and treatment of foot reflex disease, it can help the podiatrist to perform surgery dialectically.

After the end of foot care, what should massage therapists and patients pay attention to?

Masseurs cannot wash their hands with cold water immediately; Patients should pay attention to keeping their feet warm, especially in winter. And massage therapists, patients should drink more warm water, add water.

Why drink the right amount of warm boiled water after health care?

After sufficient health care, drinking moderate amount of warm water can promote the excretion of urate and other toxins in the body, and can dilute the blood in the body, reduce the burden of kidney detoxification, but also to the body’s cells and tissues to supplement water.

18. How much warm water is appropriate for patients or customers to drink after receiving adequate health care?

Generally drink 300-500ml within 1 hour of adequate health care is appropriate, severe kidney disease or other drinking water restrictions should be appropriate reduction.

19, foot health care, can be at the same time scraping, cupping, traditional Chinese medicine massage, meridian chiropractic and other traditional health care therapy?

Under the operation of qualified technician can, and can enhance the effect of treatment, health care.

When foot health care, can you use massage stick instead of massage?

The general principle is that it is best to press by hand. If hand force is a little hours, massage stick can also be used. It is convenient to collect feel (such as bubbles, particles, strips, blocks, etc.) and feel information by hand in each reflection area, which is more conducive to comprehensive diagnosis of diseases.

When foot health care, can you use massage stick instead of massage

According to the health care of the main types of techniques?

There are mainly recreational relaxation techniques and basic physical therapy and health care techniques. Leisure and relaxation techniques mainly include rubbing, knocking, beating, rolling, shaking, flexion and extension, plucking, lifting clip, pulling shell, pinching and so on. Basic physical therapy and health care techniques mainly include: buckle, horizontal press, clamp pressure, hook, scraping, pressing, hook scraping, kneading, buckle, pinch, push and so on.

22. What are the main categories of foot care therapy?

Foot reflex area diagnosis and treatment method, foot point by point method, foot massage health care method, foot acupoint application therapy, foot acupoint acupuncture therapy, etc.

23. What are the three main functions of foot reflex area diagnosis and treatment?

According to the scientific objective positioning of sufficient ministry reflex area, diagnosis, treatment and preventive health care can be achieved through massaging these reflex areas.

24. What are the mechanisms of foot reflex area massage diagnosis and treatment?

1. Biological holographic embryo theory;

Two, dredge the meridians, balance Yin and Yang theory;

3. Blood circulation mechanism;

4. Neural reflex;

5. Endogenous drug immune factor effect;

Six, psychological therapeutic effect.

25, according to the treatment of the need to strengthen the stimulus related to the key reflex area?

It is necessary to strengthen the reflex area related to stimulate the disease to increase the amount of stimulation, promote the conditioning of the body’s organs of the disease, and achieve faster recovery.

What is the best feeling after foot care?

The whole body is relaxed, energetic, and the feet are more relaxed than before the health care, and the feet have the feeling of heat and harmony.

After full health care, some patients have a low fever normal?

This is a normal foot health response, indicating that the metabolic function of the body is enhancing, the body is self-regulation, can continue to foot health care.

After foot health care, some patients (customers) foot epidermis bluish black is why?

It indicates that the patient (client) has a low platelet count, which may cause subcutaneous cyanosis and capillary rupture after external compression, thus reducing the intensity of massage.

29, foot health care, some patients (customers) fatigue, lethargy, deepening sleep at night, sometimes the phenomenon of dreams is normal?

This is the normal foot according to health care response, indicating that the foot according to health care to promote the body’s various viscera organs and tissues of the self-regulation function, enhance the body’s nerve reflex, promote blood circulation.

30, after full health care, why some customers (patients) diarrhea phenomenon?

This is a normal foot health response. Foot press health care to promote the body’s digestive system function of self-discipline regulation, enhance the excretion of gastrointestinal function, the long accumulation of toxins in the intestines discharged.

31, after the foot health care, why some customers (patients) appear more urine than usual phenomenon?

This is normal sufficient press health care response, sufficient press health care to improve and promote the metabolism of body fluid circulation and urinary system kidney, bladder make urine, urinate function be caused by.

32. In holographic diagnosis of foot reflection area, some reflection areas are abnormally raised. What problems do they suggest?

It suggests that the corresponding organs and viscera suffering from symptoms are positive.

Some patients with cold feet, especially heel cooling, prompting the body what disease?

It suggests that the renal function of the body is deficient and the lower limbs and viscera are invaded by cold evil, which is caused by Yang qi deficiency.

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