Head massage near me(Montreal massage)

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Head massage near me(Montreal massage)

After staring at the screen and reading books and newspapers for a long time, you must feel dizzy and even have a dull pain in the head. At this time, press the head:

It’s so comfortable that the soul almost flies out of the body~

Besides being cool, head massage is also good for your body!

Many benefits of head massage

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that

The Ren and Du Meridians divide the Yin and Yang of the body, which are gathered in the head and face.

Massage on the head can stimulate the corresponding meridians and acupoints to achieve the health care function of adjusting the balance of yin and Yang and regulating the secretion of glands in the body.

Modern medicine shows that

The nerve endings of the head and face are dense. Massage to stimulate these nerve endings can enhance the function of the cerebral cortex through nerve reflex, and alleviate neurasthenia, insomnia, headache, fatigue, poor energy and other discomfort.

In addition, massage can relax the capillaries on the scalp and accelerate the blood circulation of the head and face. On the one hand, it can provide more nutrients and oxygen to the brain, and on the other hand, it can nourish the facial skin, making it ruddy and shiny.

In a word, proper head massage is not only comfortable, but also good for the body. Head massage is also very simple. If you master the method, you can do it at home.

Learn to press the head correctly

First move: scratch your head

First move: scratch your head

Methods: slightly bend two hands and five fingers, start from the hairline in front of the forehead with the tip of the ten fingers, rub the scalp along the middle of the head to the hairline behind the pillow, and then massage the scalp on both sides of the head until the whole head.

Function: stimulate scalp peripheral nerve, refresh the mind and eliminate fatigue.

Second move: massage acupoints

Second move: massage acupoints

Methods ①: press the temples and temples with the thumbs and middle fingers of both hands respectively, rub them with a little force, and the head can be tilted back slightly.

Methods ②: you can also use your fingers to knead the acupoints of yangbai, Yuyao, Taiyang, Sibai, Shangguan, Xiaguan and Chengjiang in turn, and each acupoint lasts for 1-2 minutes.

Function: it can relieve migraine, dizziness and other symptoms by stimulating acupoints.

Third move: knead the neck pillow

Third move: knead the neck pillow

Method: gently massage the temples in front of the ears to the neck line, and then evenly massage the back of the head and neck.

Function: improve blood supply to the brain, prevent and reduce the occurrence of stroke and cerebral infarction.

Fourth move: tap the head

Fourth move: tap the head

Methods: put four fingers of both hands together and gently pat the head, about 1-2 minutes; Then gently pinch the scalp with both thumbs and pull it up until all the scalp is done once.

Function: it can regulate the blood circulation of the head, alleviate the discomfort caused by fatigue, deliver more sufficient nutrients for the hair root, and facilitate the healthy growth of the hair.

Massage pay attention to these tips

The head massage is comfortable and good for the body. If you master the skills, you will get twice the result with half the effort:

  1. when performing head massage, the strength and time should be well controlled until the scalp feels hot;
  2. when massaging the temples, do not press the thumb too hard;
  3. the strength of massage shall be subject to your own feelings. It is the most appropriate strength to exert a little force until there is a slight pain and a feeling of soreness;
  4. you can rub your hands before massage, and then massage after your hands are warm;
  5. find the right acupoint. As long as you move and press at the approximate position, you can feel the feeling of acid, swelling and pain. That is the position of the acupoint.

PS: people with head skin disease, scalp wound and serious heart disease are not suitable for head massage.

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