Massage near montreal, what’s the benefit of massage

Massage can improve blood circulation, improve immune function, regulate gastrointestinal motility, relieve mental stress, and promote metabolism.

Massage near montreal, what's the benefit of massage

benefit of massage details as follows:

  • Improve blood circulation: Massage generates a certain amount of force and heat through mechanical stimulation. Due to the action of force, the venous blood vessels are squeezed, the blood backflow to the heart is accelerated, or the nerve reflex promotes the contraction and number of muscle fibers in the blood vessel wall, and promotes blood vessel flow. Improve blood circulation function, disperse local blood stasis, subside swelling, and make the heart and brain sufficient oxygen supply, and the heart and brain functions return to normal.
  • Improve immune function: Pressing and rubbing Dazhui, Zusanli, Yongquan, Tanzhong points can improve the immune function of the human body and achieve the purpose of preventing and curing diseases.
  • Regulate gastrointestinal peristalsis: Massage Zusanli, Zhongwan, Weishu, Pishu, Dachangshu, Xiaochangshu and other acupoints to adjust the number of gastrointestinal peristalsis.
  • Relieve mental stress: Different massage techniques can be used to adjust the nervous system and ensure a relative balance between excitation and inhibition of the human body. For example, massaging acupoints such as Taiyang, Yintang, Shenting and Baihui can make the cerebral cortex in a state of inhibition, eliminate overexcited state, and help improve insomnia; Spirit.
  • Promote metabolism: Massage techniques can enhance the metabolism of human tissues and organs. For example, massaging the skin is beneficial to skin metabolism, improving skin nutrition, enhancing its secretory function, and promoting the excretion of sebum and other metabolites; massaging Feishu, Geshu, mutton The medium point can increase the lung capacity and ensure the oxygen required by the human body.

Chinese medicine refers to the use of hands to press the meridians and acupuncture points on the human body for treatment, such as pushing, holding, lifting, pinching, and rubbing. It is also a non-drug natural therapy and physical therapy. It usually refers to the doctor using his own hands to act on the patient’s body surface, injured part, discomfort, specific acupoints, and painful places. Various methods are used to achieve the curative effects of dredging the meridians, promoting qi and blood, alleviating pain, eliminating pathogens and strengthening the body, and reconciling yin and yang.

What is a Relaxation Massage near montreal?

Relaxation massage is a full-body treatment with soft music, and aromatherapy essential oils. that will use all kinds of massage techniques, including long strokes, gentle kneading and rolling of skin and muscle, and perhaps some rhythmic rocking from side to side.

What is a relaxation massage beneficial?

  • Relieves stress and muscle tension and leaves you exuding a sense of well-being
  • Improves your circulation and blood flow and aids with lymphatic drainage
  • Ease back pain and neck pain breaking up stubborn knots and tight soft tissue
  • Encourages your body to digest its food and gets rid of its toxins to help you to sleep better
  • Relieves soothe muscle soreness and sprains and encourages the skin to heal minor abrasions

So why is massage quietly popular?

Unblock the meridians

“The Yellow Emperor’s Classic of Internal Medicine” says: “The meridians are blocked; the disease is caused by inhumanity, so use massage to cure it.” It can be seen that massage can make the meridians of the whole body smooth, just like a road. When there is a traffic jam, the police are needed to divert the traffic. , and finally reach the road unobstructed. There are also many acupoints on the human body, such as Yongquan acupoint, which is a commonly used “longevity acupoint” and an important acupoint of the kidney meridian. Frequent massage of this acupoint has the effects of invigorating the marrow, invigorating the kidney and strengthening yang, and strengthening the body and bones.

Yongquan acupoint is located on the sole of the foot, in the front third of the sole of the foot, in the depression when the toes are flexed. Before going to bed every night, sit cross-legged, massage the Yongquan acupoint on both sides with both hands or flex your fingers, and use the acupoint to achieve a feeling of soreness, 50 to 100 times each time. In the long run, you will not only be healthy, but also live longer.

So why is massage quietly popular?

Reconcile Qi and Blood

Luo Hong, a health-preserving expert in the Ming Dynasty, said in the “Longevity Immortal Book”: “Massage can dredge the hair orifices, and can rotate the Rongwei”. The Yunxuan Rongwei here means reconciling Qi and blood. As the name suggests, massage is to use the force between the fingers, whether light or heavy, or urgent or slow, through the acupoints, along the meridians, to transport energy throughout the body, and to adjust the state of the body through the conduction of the meridians, so as to reconcile qi and blood, activate blood and remove blood stasis. , and finally achieve the best balance of the body’s mechanism. It can be known from modern medicine that the manipulation of massage is simple mechanical stimulation, which converts mechanical energy into thermal energy to increase the temperature of local tissues, promote capillary expansion, improve blood and lymph circulation, and reduce blood viscosity. Peripheral vascular resistance, reduce the burden on the heart, and prevent cardiovascular disease.

Improve immunity

Obviously, through the massage of the human body, whether it is to dredge the meridians, or to reconcile the qi and blood, it can make the body stronger and healthier, and improve the body’s resistance and immunity. Such as dysentery in children, the symptoms will be relieved or disappeared after massage; when children have dry and wet rales in the lungs, it is effective to massage small horizontal lines and palms. Someone in the same age group performed health massage in parallel with the control group. The children who underwent massage had a lower incidence rate, and their height, weight, and appetite were higher than those in the control group. The above clinical practice and other animal experiments have proved that tuina massage has anti-inflammatory, antipyretic, and immune-enhancing effects, and can enhance the body’s resistance to disease.

At the same time, while improving immunity, people’s psychology will be more positive. The so-called unity of body and mind, through massage, can eliminate fatigue, relax the body, and also have the effect of eliminating fatigue and invigorating the spirit.

Practical and convenient

With the advent of the consumption era, more and more people walk into gyms and swimming pools. If they want to relax their bodies and minds, they have to pay money and time as the price. Tuina massage is economical and convenient because it does not require any equipment. It is not limited by time, place and climate conditions, and can be implemented anytime, anywhere; it is stable and reliable, easy to learn and use, without any side effects. Therefore, massage has become a popular health and fitness measure among the masses. For normal people, it can enhance the body’s physique, improve immunity, and achieve health care effects; for patients, it can not only subside local symptoms, but also accelerate the recovery of the function of the affected part, thereby receiving good therapeutic effects.

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