Head massage that is good for hair growth near in Montreal

Massage is a traditional and widely used maintenance method in traditional Chinese medicine. In nature, massage is a method of physical therapy. Head massage is a maintenance massage. Although it can’t achieve the effect of growing hair again, it is very necessary for hair maintenance.

What are the benefits of scalp massage?

What are the benefits of Head massage?

Helps microcirculation better

Head massage can help the capillaries on the scalp to be healthier, make them expand and thicken, and the blood circulation is strong, thereby helping the microcirculation to be better. The blood circulation of the head is good, the hair follicles will have sufficient nutrition, and the energy will be more abundant. Head massage is beneficial to hair growth and development, and has a certain preventive effect on hair loss. Relieve scalp tightness

Contemporary young people are stressed and nervous, and it is easy to experience numbness and tension in the scalp. For ordinary office workers, there are not many opportunities to relax and relieve, so scalp massage is a simple and convenient physical therapy method that can be operated at home. Scalp massage can not only reduce the tension and numbness of the scalp, but also relieve tension. Slow down scalp aging

The skin of the face and the scalp are actually the same skin, and the aging of the scalp will naturally affect the aging of the facial skin. Therefore, if you want to have delicate facial skin, scalp maintenance is also very important. Scalp massage is essential. Only when the entire head skin is rejuvenated can the facial skin be better kept young. Therefore, doing more scalp massage can not only prevent scalp aging, but also slow down the aging speed of facial skin!

2. How can Head massage be useful?

Simple Scalp Massage: Comb Your Hair

Comb your hair, because the comb and the scalp rub, it is easy to generate static electricity, you can choose a horn comb at this time. 10-15 minutes a day, from the top of the head to the back of the head, from the roots to the ends of the hair, with moderate force. You can comb it before going to bed to relax the tired body and mind of the day. The freshly washed hair is not suitable for combing, because the scales are still open at this time, and the slight friction between the comb and the hair may also damage the scales. Money-saving scalp massage method: finger massage

Although the stimulation of finger pulp massage is less than that of combing hair, the effect of finger pulp massage is not bad. During finger massage, pay attention to the hair must be combed smoothly, avoid pulling, and try to lie down as much as possible. If you want to make your fingers more even and steady, you can bend your fingers, massage the scalp with only the pulp of your fingers, and then shake it back and forth for 10-15 times with the strength of your fingers. After one part ends, switch to another part. Whole Scalp Massage: Acupressure

Although many people can’t find acupuncture points, they can try it. First, rub both hands to make it slightly hot, and then use the pulp of your fingers to comb from the bottom to the top of the ear until the hair is twisted out, and repeat 10-15 times. Then use the finger tips of the index, middle, name, and little fingers of both hands to pat the head along the middle hair seam, or 10-15 times. Easy Scalp Massage: Massager

Speaking of massagers, all kinds of daily necessities are now available in small shops. The massager has its own “tentacles” that only need to be moved back and forth on the head, which is really convenient and comfortable. No matter what method you use to massage your head, please remember, don’t use too much force, and you don’t have to massage until your scalp is red, as long as your scalp can feel the strength of the massage!

Head massage that is good for hair growth
Head massage that is good for hair growth

Although scalp massage can’t make hair grow again, it is very useful to protect the hair and stabilize the hair roots. And doing more scalp massage can also slow down the aging of the scalp and face, and help the blood circulation of the scalp. Blood circulation is one of the main circulations of the human body. If the blood circulation is good, the body will naturally be better. If the blood circulation of the scalp is good, the hair follicles will naturally grow better, and the hair will naturally be better.

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