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Lymphatic drainage is not massage

Generally speaking, lymphatic drainage technology cannot be confused with massage. When the term lymphatic drainage is used directly, it is because this technique is different from the original massage (the power to touch the skin is very light) and must be pushed slowly along the lymphatic flow. It is a technique to discharge body fluid toxins.

This technique has a very far-reaching relationship with the medical field. Its key points must correctly find out the location of lymphatic vessels and lymph nodes, the flow direction of liquid, etc. when performing surgery, it must require skin to skin contact, and take a consistent fit with the body movement rhythm during contact.

During the operation, the touch is very slight, so the customer will not be satisfied at the beginning, but the final comfort level will bring physical and mental relief, and has a deep correlation in improving the physical function.

Lymphatic drainage is not massage

What effect does lymphatic drainage have?

Lymphatic drainage is one of the natural functions and also a function of human physiology and self-discipline. These functions and functions will cause a series of obstacles to the function or beauty of the human body if various abnormal conditions occur. That is, it is easy to cause edema, infiltration, swelling, dry skin and other phenomena. These symptoms will be accompanied by wrinkles, lower eyelid sagging, linear skin, a variety of skin diseases, fatty swelling, honeycomb inflammation, depilation, lower limb hypertrophy, trauma, swelling of the operating hand, swelling of the upper or lower limbs, etc.

The significance of lymphatic drainage is to discharge lymph. However, careful observation shows that our faces are sometimes as thin and fat as the moon, especially during the day when they are particularly swollen and suddenly subside at night. Don’t think that the face looks fat because it has become more fat. In fact, edema caused by poor metabolism is also one of the culprits. At this time, it is the most direct and effective to attack the lymph node. Today, I will introduce to you the lymph node massage thin face method. It takes 10 minutes to massage the lymph node every day and do a good job in lymph node drainage. There is no need to rely on black coffee to reduce swelling, and the sharp chin will be restored immediately!

What effect does lymphatic drainage have?

Detailed explanation of thin face due to facial lymphatic drainage

1、 Eye massage detoxification

1. Along the direction of the arrow, lift and massage upward from the concave place, and each side lasts about 15-20 seconds.

2. Massage the knuckles of the middle and index fingers from the inside out to “pull” the toxins out!

3. It is best to apply eye cream first, and then gently massage the lower eyelids from inside to outside, imagining erasing the dark circles under the eyes!

2、 Zygomatic massage detoxification

Below the cheekbones are places where toxins are deposited. You must massage well!

Use your fingers to draw a spiral line in the direction of the arrow and massage for 15-20 times. This part has a great impact on the overall skin color of the face, so insist on massaging when washing the face, which will brighten the skin color!

3、 Chin massage detoxification

From the center of the chin to the bottom of the ear. This massage not only has the effect of lifting, but also can eliminate facial edema. With moisturizing cream massage will be better!

4、 Ear massage detoxification

Open your hands, as shown above. Put your fingers on both sides of your ears, gently press them from top to bottom and pull them down 50-100 times.

5、 Neck massage detoxification

Put five fingers on your neck, gently press and pull from top to bottom, and massage about 50 times.

6、 Clavicle massage detoxification

1. Slowly press the clavicle with your fingers 50 times. Press for 1-2 seconds each time, thinking of pressing all the toxins to death!

2. Then push and pull from the middle of the clavicle to both sides, which is very comfortable!

7、 Axillary massage detoxification

1. Axillary lymph node is also concentrated, while watching TV, press the protruding part, press 20 times on each side. The underarm is sensitive and fragile, so be light!

2. Gently tap each side for another 50 times, and the armpit will be uneven if there is toxin. Stick to tapping to drain the toxin!

Girls, stop being lazy! Take 10 minutes to massage and detoxify every day. It’s time to treat yourself better!

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