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Puffy eyes and obvious sagging of the face?

It’s all because the old waste substances in the human body cannot be normally excreted from the body! Just do a 1-minute facial massage after each face wash to easily regain youthful and firm skin!

To get rid of puffiness, dark circles and nasolabial lines around the face, just do a facial lymphatic massage every day. The method is simple to learn. Use with creams, serums or essential oils for better results~

The miraie multi-functional eye beauty instrument gently touches the skin, relieves tension and stimulates cell vitality. It can be used not only on the eye area, but also on the lips and face.

Many people may mistakenly believe that afterburner massage is better, but in fact, excessively strong massage can easily lead to disorders of lymphatic circulation, and instead lead to the dissipation of old waste substances, which cannot be normally excreted from the body. This can also be one of the causes of facial puffiness.

Facial massage

Facial massage improves various skin problems


01.Do not massage when the facial skin is rough, dry and peeling

Dry and rough small face is not suitable for massage, because the skin is rough and dry, the more you massage the skin, the more wrinkled the skin will become, and the internal cells and tissues of the skin will be pulled, whether it is a gentle massage or a hard massage. Not very suitable. If you really want to perform skin massage care, you should also apply a moisturizing massage cream, such as a moisturizing massage cream containing glycerin, olive oil and other ingredients, and then massage, which will reduce the chance of skin damage and make the skin look good. nourishing care.

02.It is not suitable to massage when the skin is red and allergic

Under what circumstances is the skin not suitable for massage care? When the skin has severe allergic redness and wound scars, it is not suitable to do facial massage, which will easily aggravate the skin allergy phenomenon and cause more serious skin inflammation problems. Therefore, facial massage also depends on the time. When the skin is damaged and allergic, it is necessary to wait until the skin returns to health.

Facial massage

03.Facial massage avoid sagging massage

When we do facial mask massage, we require accurate massage techniques and gentle movements, and massage along the lymphatic direction of the skin, which can help the skin to expel toxins. Looseness and sagging of the skin. Many skin sagging and sagging aging problems occur because of this inattentiveness. Not only that, when applying skin care products at ordinary times, you should also pay attention that it is correct to lift and apply from bottom to top, which can make the skin firmer and better absorb the nutrition of skin care products. Girls must pay attention to this when doing facial massage!

04.Find the right time for facial massage

Also find the right time for facial skin massage! The best facial massage time is before going to bed every night, after washing your face, you can apply skin care essential oils or creams, and then give the skin a massage SPA, the massage time should not be too long, about ten minutes to fifteen minutes. Between minutes, after massaging, apply a toner to give the skin enough time to trim. After a night of trimming, the next day, you will find that your skin will be very delicate and moisturizing. Therefore, massaging the skin before going to bed every night is the best time for skin care.

05.Facial skin massage must be gentle

Massage the skin of the face, the intensity must be well controlled, gently massage the skin with the pulp of the fingers, be sure to use the pulp of the fingers, not the fingernails, massage from bottom to bottom along the lymphatic direction of the skin to avoid skin wrinkles Nourishes while helping to flush out toxins for more hydrated and healthy skin!

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