Foot Massage Near Chinatown Montreal

People who take care of it properly will pay attention to the protection of their feet. In addition to proper exercise to keep the blood circulation of the feet in good condition, they will also insist on soaking their feet.

Foot Massage Near Chinatown Montreal

These methods can relax the muscles and promote blood circulation. Of course, foot massage has also become popular in recent years, but there are many points to be aware of in order to benefit from massage. If the massage method is inappropriate and the details are not paid attention to, it will be difficult to play a role in health preservation or health care.

  1. Relax your toes
    While massage may seem simple, there are actually many doorways, and the most important thing when doing a foot massage is to relax the toes. Some people only massage the soles of the feet, but neglecting the toes is also an important part of the feet. In the massage process, you can use your hands to knead the toes properly to move the toe joints and relax the muscles. This massage method also reaps benefits while keeping the toes in a flexible, relaxed state.
  2. Use a fingerboard
    Shiatsu board can be used in the massage process. Shiatsu board has also become very popular in recent years. Many people will feel pain when walking barefoot on it. In fact, it is another form of massage to stimulate acupuncture points. Of course, you can also choose to walk on the cobblestone road. The cobblestones are uneven and give enough stimulation to the soles of the feet. Compared with ordinary hand massage, the force is stronger, it will feel very comfortable, and it can also play a role in health care and blood circulation. .
  3. Squeeze massage
    Squeeze massage is more recommended. The strength of both hands is appropriate during the process. In addition to the force of the fingers, squeeze massage can also be used. From one side to the other, gradually increase the intensity, and perform in the same direction. Then massage in the opposite direction, and squeeze in the process of pressing and rubbing, and the effect is good.
  4. Tap the sole of the foot
    Tapping the soles of the feet is a step that needs to be experienced in the massage. If you simply use your hands to massage, the intensity is very single, and the direction does not change. You can tap the soles of your feet with a tool to eliminate fatigue, improve circulation, and the effect is more pronounced. Especially for those who walk for a long time, if the shoes they choose are not comfortable, and the force surface of the soles of the feet is uneven, they may feel pain, but by tapping the soles of the feet to massage in all directions, the feet will feel comfortable.
  5. Raise your legs and shake your feet
    Most people only use traditional foot massage when massaging their feet, but the occasional rocking of your feet can actually be healthy. Just lie on the yoga mat, raise your feet, and keep shaking at a certain frequency. During the shaking process, your feet are completely relaxed, allowing the blood to flow normally and deliver it to the required parts. Although there is no squeezing during the activity, the pain and comfort of massaging the soles of the feet can still play a role in maintaining health.
How to book the Foot massage near me in Montreal?

How to book the Foot massage near me in Montreal?

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