How to Give a FULL BODY MASSAGE in Montreal

Tuina massage is a popular way of leisure and health in life. For many people, it is a very enjoyable thing to do full body massage. Today, the editor will tell you how to do full body massage, what are the benefits of massage and what to pay attention to.

The Full Body Massage Near Me In Montreal

The whole body massage can start from the neck

First start from the neck:

(the first line) along the Du meridian from the second cervical vertebra to the seventh cervical vertebra, rubbing, pressing and dialing three times with a single thumb from bottom to top.

(2nd and 3rd lines) along both sides of the cervical spine, rub, press, dial, and manage three times with a single thumb from the middle point of the shoulder from the bottom to the top.

(The fourth and fifth lines) Knead and press with a single thumb three times each from Jianjing acupoint along the gallbladder meridian on both sides of the cervical vertebrae from bottom to top.

(The manipulation should be light, there are a lot of blood vessels on both sides).

The Full Body Massage Near Me In Montreal

Full body massage can massage the head

Head: (the first line) Start from Fengfu point and follow the Du Meridian three times to rub, press and dial to Baihui point to stop deep pressing for 30 (the second and third lines) start from Tianzhu point and follow both sides The bladder meridian is rubbed, pressed, and dialed 3 times to the luoque point to stop the deep pressure for 15 seconds.

(Lines 4 and 5) From Fengchi point, rub, press, and dial each 3 times along the gallbladder meridian on both sides to Chengling point and stop deep pressing for 15 seconds.

Who is not suitable for full body massage

Stable physical signs, such as some chronically ill and frail patients, known to have severe cardiovascular disease, or elderly and frail patients. Women’s menstrual period, the waist can not be pressed, pregnant women more than five months pregnant.

No serious hematological diseases such as aplastic anemia such as purpura and thrombocytopenia. There is no infection or serious skin diseases in the massage place, such as various acute infectious diseases, acute osteomyelitis, tuberculosis arthritis, infectious skin diseases, skin eczema, water and fire burns, skin ulcers, tumors, and various sores. Do not massage when you have a high fever. Dislocated and strained patients. Acute peritonitis, acute suppurative peritonitis, acute appendicitis patients.

As an external force to condition the body and treat diseases, massage therapy has four basic requirements, namely, uniformity, gentleness, strength and continuity. Among them, gentleness is very important, which is also the difference between massage and “foreign violence” that is not gentle, not adapted and accepted by the human body.

Therefore, massage is not the more painful the better. In addition, blindly emphasizing the strength of the technique will not only fail to cure, but will aggravate the condition.

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