Four Massage Mistakes to Avoid in Montreal Massage

Massage is the oldest medical method in China and has good curative effect on chronic and functional diseases. However, massage also has a lot of knowledge, and there are four misunderstandings about massage!

The harder the massage, the better

Many health care providers who go to a massage health center simply go for the gigantic effort.

As a result, it became more and more uncomfortable. Some health care providers performed incorrect massage care, resulting in cervical dislocation and lower extremity dysfunction. In TCM theory, massage relies mainly on mastering massage techniques, rather than pushing with brute force. Excessive force can have adverse effects on the human body.

Massage to relax tense nerves and muscles

The long-term work of office workers will easily lead to muscle stiffness and fatigue. Over time, it can cause small dislocations of the cervical and lumbar facet joints, leading to symptoms such as low back pain, back pain, arm pain, and dizziness. At this time, many people are accustomed to going to the masseuse to press to relax the tense nerves and muscles. The right massage therapy can relieve the fatigue of muscles and joints, but many people don’t know that in addition to being sedentary, many chronic diseases can also cause such external symptoms, such as spinal tumors, tuberculosis, fractures and dislocations, rheumatoid, etc.

Although the symptoms of these diseases are similar, these diseases are not easily treated by massage, otherwise they can lead to unimaginable consequences.

Massage can be done in three to five minutes

Most massage parlors charge based on massage time. Most masseuses pull right and left directly for consumers who enter the store, but unsuspecting consumers consider the masseuse’s skills to be unique.

Orthopedic experts in large hospitals believe that bone-setting massage is like swimming in water, and you need to do warm-up exercises first. Ordinary chiropractors can’t let the patient come and reset. The reduction of bone setting massage should be divided into four steps. Muscle relaxation should be considered first. As long as the muscles are relaxed, the effect of massage will be multiplied with half the effort.

Massage the bones to make sounds

Experts say that most bones don’t make a sound when massaged correctly, but they often make sounds when massaged, indicating that the joints are rubbing frequently at this time, and the articular cartilage will be damaged for a long time in the afternoon, so it is easy to develop arthritis.

Massage Notes:

  1. The masseuse’s hands should be kept clean and warm, his nails should be trimmed, and no ornaments should be worn on the fingers to avoid hurting the masseuse’s skin.
  2. In order to massage smoothly and achieve good results, the position of the massager should be easy to operate, and the muscles of the massager should be fully relaxed.
  3. 3, body massage should pay attention to the direction of operation, to follow the direction of blood and lymphatic flow.
  4. When massaging, pay attention to the order, the force should be from light to heavy, and then gradually reduce and end. Massage is also a technical activity, so don’t get into the above four misunderstandings.

In addition, friends who want to massage must go to a professional massage center for disease prevention and treatment to avoid injury.

Full body massage can relax the whole body, eliminate fatigue and relieve pressure.

it can dredge the meridians, accelerate the circulation of Qi and blood, maintain the balance of yin and Yang of the body, improve the overall immune ability of the human body, prevent diseases and add vitality to the body.

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