Massage Relaxation Methods Near Montreal

Massage for lower limb pain relief after running.

After running, massage helps to relax tendons and collaterals, relax tendons and activate blood circulation, and relieve muscle soreness. After running the massage, mainly the lower limbs. When running massage, gently rub the feet, calves, knees, thighs and other parts from bottom to top. You can add massage oil and talcum powder if you can.

Rose Massage
Rose Massage

massage relaxation for Massage feet.

Lean your toes up against the wall, keep your arches and heels straight, stretch your toes for about 10 seconds, repeat 10 times; or sit on a chair, press your toes with your hands, then your thumbs on the soles and insteps until the soles of your feet feel comfortable . Roll back and forth on a plastic bottle filled with water, or massage the bottom of your feet.

massage relaxation for Massage your calves.

Before massaging, cover your calf with a towel to keep your muscles warm. Massage the calf with both hands and gently press the muscles on the back of the calf with your fingers, starting from the ankle and pushing up slowly. Then replace your fingers with fists to increase the strength of the massage, and you can extend the massage time appropriately for the painful part. After two minutes, switch legs and repeat.

massage relaxation for Massage your knees.

Sit on a chair with your legs naturally straight and massage the muscles around your knees with your hands. Tender points tend to appear around the knee joint, usually on the inside or outside. After finding the tender point, use your thumb to rub from light to heavy to produce a feeling of soreness. Then press the top of the patella with the palm of your hand and knead from light to heavy for about 3 minutes.

massage relaxation for Massage your thighs.

Remain in a sitting or semi-recumbent position, hold your thighs tightly with both hands, and massage the muscles on the front of your thighs. Starting at the knees, press upwards 5-10 times, then clench your hands into fists and continue massaging.

Press each other to eliminate muscle fatigue. Mutual pressure can be divided into body massage and local massage. Body massage is generally arranged in the relaxation and stretching phase after training. You can lie on the grass or a mat, or you can do it two hours after taking a warm bath, or before going to bed. When massaging, first massage the large muscle groups such as the pectoralis major, latissimus dorsi, and gluteus maximus, and then massage the small muscle groups such as the biceps, triceps, tibialis anterior, and abdominal muscles. In the process of massaging, the technique should be gentle for a little time, so as to relieve fatigue. Full body massage for 30-50 minutes.

Local massage is a targeted massage for the neck, waist, back and other parts of the strain or severe pain. You can do it after your workout, or in between workouts or when you’re feeling tired. 15-20 minutes is appropriate.

Each section begins with a nudge, then alternates with kneading, pushing, pressing, tapping, shaking, and ending with a nudge and shaking. When the temperature is low in winter, comrades in arms can also use a water bag of about 47 degrees Celsius to heat the parts with heavy loads before and after training, which can delay the occurrence of fatigue during training and relieve muscle fatigue after training.

Acupressure relieves physical discomfort.

Massage Zusanli (about 4 fingers down from the depression on the outside of the kneecap of the leg) can relieve stomach pain, vomiting, edema, palpitation, shortness of breath and other symptoms after running; The floating tail of the lateral muscles) can relieve foot fatigue, knee fatigue, low back pain, etc. After running;

massage Yinlingquan (inside of the calf, the depression on the inside of the tibia under the knee, opposite the Zusanli point) is effective for knee arthritis and insomnia.

Massage the Yongquan point (the sole of the foot, the depression in front of the foot when curled up) has a good effect on neuropathic headache, sore throat and dizziness after running; massage the temple point (on the side of the head, between the eyebrows and the outer corner of the eye) Refers to the depression) can stimulate the brain and relieve fatigue after running.

If a comrade in arms feels severe discomfort after training, go to the hospital in time.

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