Massage is a series of actions that use hands and fingers to connect our skin and muscle tissue, and through these actions, we can achieve a certain state of relaxation of our own body and mind, and this method is It’s called massage therapy.


The traditional way of keeping health seems to be very good, but in fact there are many drawbacks. Many colleagues or friends around them will want to relax by massage and massage when they are tired. But don’t you know some misunderstandings of massage? Now let’s take a look at what are the misunderstandings of massage?

Mistakes in massage:

Misunderstanding 1: The stronger the massage, the more comfortable

When massaged in some massage and health care places, some people massage too many times, they will feel that the intensity is not enough, and they will increasingly pursue more intense massage.

Without knowing the harm, the masseuse will be required to use heavier techniques. If the masseuse is not professional enough, he will blindly meet the requirements of consumers. If this situation accumulates, it is likely to cause damage.

Misunderstanding 2: Blindly chasing joint sounds

Many people think that the joints will “clack” when they massage, which is effective. In fact, not all resets, the joints will “clack”, do not blindly pursue this sound. Younger, prime-age patients can be reset with a light “flash force”. For teenagers and the elderly, the action to be reset is repeated 2-3 times. It is time for slow reset, and the joint may not make a sound.

Misunderstanding 3: Massage when you are overworked

When you are overtired, you may fall asleep during the massage, massage without communication with the masseuse, if the masseuse is inexperienced and continues to massage, and the force is too strong and the time is too long, it is easy to cause injury. Getting drunk is similar to being overtired, and a massage is also not recommended.

Benefits of Massage:

  1. Massage relaxes and relaxes the muscles that cause pain due to poor posture, allowing your body to position itself in its natural and painful free posture. With the relaxation of the muscles being massaged, relax the joints with greater freedom and pressure points. This allows the body to position itself in a healthy and natural posture that avoids movement and response to pain over time.
  2. Long-term effects of massage therapy deeper than the skin. Better blood circulation is part of a chain reaction that occurs in the body as a result of regular massage therapy.
  3. Use the roller massager

Nowadays, more and more people who work in front of the computer for a long time will have problems with the cervical spine and waist.

Especially for some work with your head bowed at your desk for a long time, the neck and shoulders catch a cold and strain, the lower back is heavy, and the cold and dampness invade, it is easy to make the body feel uncomfortable.

Massage Fang Massage relaxation near montreal

Living in Montreal is a blessing for you because you can go to massagefang to get a relaxing massage in no time. However, are you willing to know the prices of different massage services offered by massagefang? Look below for achieving this goal that is relaxation massage prices. 

Relaxation Massage 

  • Half an hour massage require $50
  • 120 minutes massage need $135
  • Just give $110 for 90 minutes
  • Enjoy one hour massage for $75

Deep Tissue Massage 

  • $85 for a sixty-minute massage
  • $125 to get ninety minutes service
  • $65 for a quick half-hour massage

Swedish Massage 

  • Pay $80 and enjoy a one-hour Swedish massage
  • Take $120 to massagefang and get 90 minutes massage
  • $142 is charged for a two-hour massage by it
  • A quick massage of 30 minutes need $50 

Of course, you have known prices and no doubt these are reasonable. So make sure your online booking and go for a massage. 

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