Massage can increase sweat and fat secretion, promote blood circulation and lymphatic circulation, and promote metabolism. Medical massage can quickly dissipate inflamed infiltrates and help the diseased organs to restore function. Each of us can learn to massage, through massage to treat certain diseases, to lift the spirit and strengthen the body.

  • To sum up, self-massage has the following benefits:
  • Increase the tension of the nervous system and mental activity, dilate muscles and blood vessels;
  • promote lymphatic circulation;
  • Dilation of muscles, skin, and associated capillaries that are reflective to the skin;
  • Promote skin respiration, stimulate the activity of hormones, and normalize and improve the screw movement of intestines, stomach, esophagus, ureter and other organs.

When massaged, the skin becomes red and the heat metabolism in the skin increases. Massage can make the internal organs work normally, strengthen the ability to resist diseases, make the skin more elastic, reduce wrinkles and reduce fat deposits.

Massage also strengthens the body, lifts the mood, and lifts the spirit. Learning to massage is beneficial to everyone. Patients often need to massage a certain part of the body, once a day or every other day, a total of 10 to 15 times, such a massage effect must be good. However, if the patient can insist on self-massage of the diseased area after this, the effect will be better.

Taking cervical bone development disease as an example, due to the deposition of salt in the body and other complex processes in the body, the cervical spine is diseased, the blood vessels supplying nutrients to the brain are constricted, and symptoms such as headache, dizziness, weakness, and memory loss appear. In this case, massage 10-20 times can make the condition better. If the patient can insist on self-massage for several weeks or months, massage three times a day, massage the head, back of the head and neck, especially if the massage is combined with the correct diet and necessary gymnastics, then the neck bone development can be cured more thoroughly sick.

In this way, radiculitis, arthritis and many other chronic diseases can also be cured. Lie on your back, place your right hand below your belly button and your left hand above your belly button. Gently press the abdomen with both hands, push the abdominal wall to the left with the right hand, and push the abdominal wall to the right with the left hand.

Self-massage techniques for stress

It is best to press the abdomen with the lower half of the palm. Press the abdomen with both hands while moving toward each other. The abdominal wall slides gently under the palm of the hand. Then switch hands. Place your right hand above your belly button and your left hand below your belly button, doing the same thing as above, but in the opposite direction.

Place the left hand on the navel, the right hand on the left hand, gently press the abdomen, turn clockwise 10 times, and then turn 10 times in the opposite direction. Then massage around the abdomen – large intestine, gallbladder, colon area.

Start by massaging the right pelvis:

Place the fingers of the left hand between the navel and the right side of the pelvis, press lightly, turn clockwise, then turn in the opposite direction. Move your hand up a little, and do the same action on the gallbladder, that is, under the right side, then do the same thing on the upper abdomen and under the left side, and then lower your hand and place it on the lower part of the large intestine. massage.

Finally, massage the colon area (the left iliac bone of the abdomen), and the number of massages in this area can be increased to 20-30 circles. This massage practice can increase the tension of intestinal activity, promote intestinal spiral, help the gallbladder to secrete bile better, and improve the function of the stomach and abdominal glands. People with serious diseases such as gastritis, gastric ulcer and cholecystitis should not do abdominal self-massage.

When people with chronic diseases of the abdominal organs do self-massage, the movements should be gentle and light, so as not to cause pain in the abdomen. The first method; you can sit, put your elbows on the table, and massage yourself with your fingers. But it’s best to lie down for a massage.

Put your fingers on the forehead and press the forehead gently, turn it clockwise, and then turn it in the opposite direction. The fingers do not slide along the skin, but rotate on the frontal bone. After a few turns, move your fingers to the temples to continue massaging.

After the “forehead-temple” massage, do the “parietal bone-upper ear”, “the top of the head, the back of the ear”, and the “back of the head” massage. The last action of massaging the hair with fingers is: clasp the fingers of both hands together, press the head with both palms, and move “forward, backward”, “right, left and right” to make the entire hair on the head. The skin of the upper part slides along the bone.

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