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Massage Fang – massage près de moi, Montreal Massage near me is a well decorated professional massage shop located at 3057 Rue Allard, Montréal, QC H4E 2M5, Canada. Massage Fang’s professional massage therapy can provide all kinds of popular massage services, including relaxation massage, swedish relax massage, deep tissue massage, full body massage, head massage, foot massage, etc.

Benefits of massage

Ways to relieve low back pain


It should be the method that many people will choose

An hour’s massage

Sleep and wake up

All the cells are comfortable

I always thought

Massage means a short time of relief

It won’t be long before the pain starts again


Recent studies have shown that

The benefits of massage go far beyond short-term relief

Massage can make muscles stronger

In cooperation with robotics experts at Harvard University, researchers have invented a small machine that can control strength and frequency. First, the mice were injected with muscle toxin. After 6 days, the sleeping mice began to receive mechanical massage of Duang Duang on their legs. At the same time, ultrasound was used to observe the response of damaged tissues

Massage can make muscles stronger

After 14 days of massage, it was found that the number of damaged muscle fibers decreased significantly and the cross-sectional area of muscle fibers increased

At the same time, compared with untreated muscle, the muscle strength of mice recovered better after mechanical treatment

At the same time, the greater the intensity of mechanical therapy, the better the recovery effect

Why massage can restore damaged muscles

Further studies showed that after only 4 days of mechanical massage, the content of inflammatory factor neutrophils in muscle decreased significantly

Benefits of massage

Therefore, the researchers speculate that mechanical massage can squeeze neutrophils and inflammatory factors out of muscle

The following cell experiments also showed that although the short-term presence of neutrophil secreting factors can stimulate the growth of muscle cells, the long-term presence of secreting factors can inhibit the formation of new muscle fibers

Current massage categories

all kinds of

I haven’t tried much till now

Thai massage

Mainly due to the publicity map of Thai massage

Most of them are:

I learned dance more than ten years ago

The fear of crushing the waist

Back again

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