When using the scrub cream, it can be combined with the massage techniques of push and circle, which can make the skin more smooth and tender, and achieve the best effect of skin beauty.

Scrub cream is a skin cleansing product with even and fine particles. It can be used to remove the dirt in the deep layer of the skin. By rubbing the cuticle of the skin, the aged scaly cutin can be peeled off and the excess dead skin can be removed. Sanding cream can be divided into facial sanding cream and body sanding cream. When using it, it is best to cooperate with certain massage techniques to achieve better results.

Body scrub massage in Montreal

The texture of facial scrub is more delicate than that of body scrub. If you use body scrub to wash your face, it will damage the skin barrier of the face, so you must distinguish it before using it.

When using facial scrub cream, it is suitable to use circular massage. First of all, avoid the skin around the eyes, because the skin around the eyes is too sensitive, which will damage the skin. Then gently massage the cheeks by drawing small circles from the inside to the outside with both hands. The nasal fossa can be changed to draw circles from the outside to the inside, and finally wash it with clean water.

neck massage near me
neck massage near me

When using the body scrub cream, you can use the massage technique of pushing and wiping. Pour the scrub cream into the palm of your hand, and then apply it to the body. Push it to every part of your body with your palm, gently rub it with force, and finally rinse it with clean water.

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