Massage therapy for Occipital Neuralgia (Montreal MassageFang)

Massage therapy for Occipital Neuralgia

Occipital neuralgia refers to the general name of the small occipital nerve, the great occipital nerve, the suboccipital nerve and the third occipital neuralgia. The symptoms of occipital neuralgia mainly include burning, knife cutting and acupuncture pain in the posterior occipital parts of both sides, and occasional pain in the neck. Occipital neuralgia is very painful. The patient can’t bear the pain and dare not turn his head. When the head and neck are straightened, there will be tenderness at the outlet of the great nerve. Occipital neuralgia can also involve other nerves, which is a peripheral neuropathy, so it needs to be treated in time.

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1、Etiological prevention and treatment:

avoid and prevent systemic diseases, such as infection, diabetes, uremia, rheumatic fever, poisoning and other primary diseases, which can reduce the incidence of occipital neuralgia; The second is to prevent and avoid the secondary factors of occipital neuralgia, such as cervical tuberculosis, cervical spondylosis, MYOFIBROSITIS, local infection and trauma. In addition, in order to improve patients’ disease prevention ability, it is undoubtedly beneficial to be able to read or listen to some popular science knowledge about health. Prevention is better than cure.

2、Reduce occipital irritation:

high and hard pillows should be avoided, and soft and comfortable pillows should be selected. The hat should not be too tight, and local irritation should be reduced as far as possible to reduce the inducing factors of occipital neuralgia, such as preventing cold, damp and fatigue.

3、Believe in science and actively treat:

if you have occipital neuralgia, you should seek medical advice in time and actively treat it. Get rid of superstition, do not credulously believe in the propaganda of “curing all diseases”, and do not foolishly pursue witch doctors, pray for gods and worship Buddha, believe in deceptive tricks, and go to the hospital in time. Detailed examination and treatment shall be carried out by a doctor. If necessary, a neurologist shall be consulted to make a clear diagnosis in time.

4、Drug treatment:

the treatment of occipital neuralgia is mainly to relieve pain, and painkillers can be taken. Commonly used drugs include somitol, saritan, carbamazepine, trauma pain tablets, etc., which can relieve pain and shorten the course of disease. In order to improve the curative effect and reduce the mental burden of patients, some sedatives or diazepam drugs can be taken at the same time. In addition, some neurotrophic drugs can be used to promote the recovery of health, such as vitamin B drugs.

5、Acupoint injection:

the specific method is as follows: the patient should climb the back of the chair to take the sitting position, bend his head slightly forward, and fix it on the back of the chair. The operator uses his thumb to press the Fengchi point slightly to find out the pain point, and then routinely disinfect it to prepare drugs (glucocorticoid +2% lidocaine). Hold the syringe, with the needle tip facing upward and entering the needle at a 45 degree angle, the depth can reach the periosteum. If necessary, move the direction to find the needle feeling. If there is blood return, the needle can be withdrawn and re entered. When there is a good needle feeling, slowly inject the drug solution, and locally press for a moment after pulling out the needle. Once a week, satisfactory curative effect can be achieved, usually 2-3 times can be cured.

6、Massage therapy for Occipital Neuralgia:

use acupoint massage therapy, more than one side or two sides of Fengchi acupoints, massage 150-300 times, 2-3 times a day, to reduce pain. In order to obtain satisfactory curative effect, some cooling oil or essential balm can be applied locally before massage. Massage can dredge the meridians, promote local blood circulation, and reduce the stimulation and damage of harmful substances to local areas through the regulation of neuroendocrine system. The method is simple, safe and effective.

7、Acupuncture and Moxibustion: selecting points Fengchi, Hegu, Anmian II, Baihui, etc.

8、Physiotherapy: it is an ideal physiotherapy, which should be selected and operated by physiotherapists and professional technicians.

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