Massage and spa near me in Montreal(Difference between massage and Spa)

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Massage and spa near me in Montreal(Difference between massage and Spa)

Massage and spa near me in Montreal

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Massage and massage are often confused, but they are actually two completely different means.

Although both methods are based on manipulation to relieve the symptoms of human muscles and meridians, the essence of treatment is different. Maybe everyone thinks that the current massage is nothing more than a way to relieve muscle fatigue and relax people, but massage has more stress than massage. Massage is a kind of treatment in traditional Chinese medicine. It needs to use different manipulations to treat diseases according to the corresponding acupoints and meridians. It can not only maintain health, but also serve as the main treatment.

Difference 1: different specific meanings

Massage is a traditional medical method in traditional Chinese medicine. It can relieve some simple disease symptoms. It has a variety of techniques and needs to be used corresponding to the meridians and acupoints. Massage does not need to consider the problems of acupoints and meridians. Massage is mainly about the relaxation of muscles. Although there are also manipulations, the massage manipulations are relatively simple and generally do not have the effect of treatment, but the effect of relieving fatigue is relatively significant.

Difference 2: different techniques

The biggest difference between massage and massage lies in the number of techniques. Some of the two techniques are similar, but there are dozens of massage techniques. There are only a few simple ones. Massage also needs to be massaged according to 8 methods. Its preciseness and complexity determine the therapeutic effect.

Difference 3: different curative effects

In the routine treatment, massage is a common method to eliminate fatigue and daily health care. On this basis, massage can also treat diseases. The common use of massage is to treat gynecological and paediatric diseases, neck, shoulder, waist and leg pain, post-operative rehabilitation of fractures, etc., especially in paediatrics. However, in the case of health preservation, the effects of massage and massage are relatively significant, which can be selected according to different situations.

Difference 4: different purposes

Routine application of massage is based on health care, to achieve the purpose of long-term use to maintain health. It is one of the most common health care methods in daily life. As a treatment method of traditional Chinese medicine, massage is based on the ideas of traditional Chinese medicine. Although its health care effect is not bad, its main purpose is to treat. First, it focuses on the treatment of disease symptoms, followed by the maintenance of the body.

Difference 5: different adaptation groups

The general massage technique is not too stimulating, and focuses on the comfort of people. Therefore, it is generally used to massage the middle-aged and the elderly to help adjust the body muscles. Each manipulation of massage is somewhat stimulating. In addition, most people will have a strong feeling when selecting acupoints for massage. Massage can also be used as a main treatment for children.

Difference 6: different employees

Because massage tends to be health care, it is generally dominated by masseuses. This kind of people have certain massage experience, but have no medical qualification. Massage is a traditional Chinese medicine treatment, so it needs professional people to learn, and the practitioners are often medical personnel with medical qualifications.

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