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Body spa near me in Montreal

Spa refers to the use of water resources in combination with bathing, massage, applying skin care products and aromatherapy to promote metabolism, meet human vision, taste, touch, smell and thinking, and achieve a kind of physical and mental enjoyment. At present, according to the view of spa industry, spa is an advanced spa hall which is composed of professional beauty therapists, water, light, aromatic essential oil, music and other elements, and can help people achieve body, heart and soul fitness.

The effect of occasional spa is not obvious, but it can relieve the fatigue and relax the mood of the human body. Regular spa will produce certain benefits to the body, such as promoting metabolism, beautifying and detoxifying, relieving fatigue, relaxing the mood, nourishing hair, etc.

All internal organs of the human body interact with the reflex area on the skin, so the spa bed can produce a soothing effect during the treatment process. Different spa procedures can be combined for specific treatment purposes.

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Beauty and body care

In order to keep healthy and maintain a good figure, many factors must be considered. For example, eating a low calorie diet, exercising, stimulating blood circulation and lymphatic circulation, and relaxing tense muscles are all part of the spa. In addition, the spa combined with the sea therapy of Shanghai algae can also absorb various minerals and rare trace elements through the skin to restore the internal balance of cells; Through the penetration and stimulation of lymphatic circulation, the toxin is eliminated, which has the effect of continuously restoring physical fitness.

Resistance to pressure

The natural balance of the human body is always threatened by external pressure factors. In response, the human body will automatically release a series of neurohormones, the so-called adaptation syndrome. The spa’s compression resistant design provides relief from stress.

Massage Places

Slimming down

Low calorie diet, exercise and attitude change are the fundamental ways to lose weight. Hydrotherapy can help relax the body fluid, increase the total amount of water flowing in the body by about 30%, and reduce the number of adipocyte clusters in or between human tissues. Spa can also accelerate the metabolism of fat and carbohydrate in the body. Spa massage combined with the application of Shanghai algae has a definite effect on weight loss.

Accelerate metabolism

Under the effect of hydrotherapy, the metabolic process is strengthened, especially in the case of low-temperature hydrotherapy. Low temperature hydrotherapy mainly acts on fat metabolism and improves gas metabolism. In case of overheating or supercooled water therapy, nitrogen and protein metabolism can also be increased, but it can be recovered after the effect is stopped.

Promote perspiration

Under the action of heat, sweat gland secretion is strengthened, and sweat is discharged in large quantities, which makes the blood concentrated, and the water in the tissue enters the blood vessels, so it can promote the absorption of exudate, and many harmful metabolites and toxins are discharged with sweat. However, a large amount of sweating can cause a large loss of sodium chloride and make the body feel weak. Therefore, attention should be paid to the patient’s perspiration during spa treatment, because under the action of heat, sometimes the sweat secretion can reach 1-2 liters or more.

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