Holistic massage near Me (Montreal massagefang)

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Holistic massage near Me (Montreal massagefang)

In modern society, many people unknowingly become very poor in physique and blood circulation will slow down. If you move your hands and feet more at this time and do more massage when you are free, you can ensure smooth blood circulation.

Holistic massage near Montreal

holistic massage method

1、 Rub your hands

Use two palms to rub each other, from slow and fast to warm the palms. The hand is a necessary part of the three yang meridians and three yin meridians. Friction can harmonize the blood on the hand, make the meridians smooth and the fingers sensitive.

2、 Comb one’s hair

Bend your fingers slightly, touch the scalp with your fingertips, and “comb” your hair about 20 times from the front of the forehead to the back of the pillow, and from the temporal lobe to the top of the head.

3、 Rub your temples

Press the fingertips of the index fingers of both hands on the temples of both sides to rotate and move clockwise and counterclockwise for about 10 times respectively.

4、 Rub your chest

Press the two palms on the top of the two breasts, rotate and rub them, clockwise and anticlockwise for about 10 times.

Rotate and knead both knees

5、 Musculus scapulohumerus

Grasp, pinch and lift the left and right shoulder muscles with the palm and fingers, and twist the shoulder while grasping for about 10 times each

6、 Open chest

Put five fingers of two hands slightly on the chest wall, slide the finger end from inside to outside along the rib space, and repeat about 10 times each.

7、 Knead the abdomen

Open the fingers of one hand and five fingers with the finger tip downward, right knead from the epigastric part to the lower abdomen through the navel, and then right, up, left, down, rub along the large intestine. It can pull the abdominal organs, increase the gastrointestinal peristalsis, promote the secretion of gastric juice, bile, pancreas and small intestinal juice, and increase the digestion and absorption.

8、 Rub the waist

Press the waist tightly with your hands and rub it down to the tail. Once the left and right hands are up and down, rub both sides at the same time for about 20 times.

9、 Wipe your thighs

Hold one thigh with both hands, wipe it down to the knee, and then wipe it back to the thigh root, and go back and forth about 20 times.

Holistic massage

10、 Crural kneading

Hold one leg belly tightly with two palms, rotate and knead for about 20 times. The leg is the backbone that bears the heavy burden of the upper body, and it is the necessary way for the three yang meridians and three yin meridians of the foot. Bathing the leg can make the knee flexible, strengthen the leg muscles, prevent muscle atrophy, and help to reduce various leg diseases.

11、 Rotate and knead both knees

Press the knees tightly with the palms of both hands. First, knead the left hand for 10 times, and then knead the right hand for 10 times at the same time. There are many striated muscles and soft ligaments at the knee joint, which are averse to temperature and afraid of cold. Bathing the knee often can promote skin blood circulation, increase knee temperature, expel wind and cold, so as to increase knee function and help prevent refractory diseases such as knee arthritis.

12、 Massage the foot center

Rub Yongquan acupoint with both hands, and quickly rub it with your hands until the center of your foot is hot, first left and then right.

Massage the whole body according to the above methods can dispel wind evil, promote blood circulation and unblock the pulse, and relieve the back disease. If you can persist for a long time, you can take the power of strengthening your body.

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