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Do you often feel anxious, and gradually fall into a strange circle of physical and mental fatigue due to various pressures. Today, xiaorou teaches you the easy-to-learn whole-body essential oil massage exercise to give your body and mind a holiday and make life easy and interesting.

Essential oil is a volatile aromatic substance extracted from plants. It has small molecules, is lipophilic, easy to penetrate into the skin, and can soothe and nourish the skin.

The herbal ingredients, after volatilization, enter the body through the nasal mucosa to make the Spirit present a comfortable state, so as to relieve emotions and delight the body and mind.

Choose essential oils with different functions according to different parts of the body, which can also achieve unexpected effects!

Shoulder neck essential oil massage

The aging of human body starts from the shoulder and neck. Shoulder and neck are the places where toxins are most likely to accumulate and are the key to disease. The source of all diseases is blood, and the cause of all diseases is Qi. According to traditional Chinese medicine, if the Qi is insufficient, the blood will be blocked, if the blood is blocked, the water will not flow, and if the water does not flow, the poison will not be discharged. After the toxin accumulates in the shoulder and neck, it will oppress the blood vessels, so that the blood cannot be well delivered to the head and face, which will cause dizziness, headache, insufficient oxygen supply to the brain, fatigue, decreased sleep quality, memory loss, yellowing, darkening, long spots, skin aging and other problems.

(shoulder and neck) massage method:

Shoulder neck essential oil massage
  1. gently press your hands behind your ears to your shoulders and repeat 3 times.
  2. knead with both hands from behind the ears to the shoulders, from the shoulders to the collarbone, and repeat for 3 times.
  3. knead your hands from your shoulders to your back, and then press them along the spine to the back of your neck.
  4. gently press your hands behind your ears to your shoulders, repeat 3 times, and relax your shoulders and neck.

Chest essential oil massage

Breast is an important organ of women. Many people ignore the health care of breast. In fact, there are many benefits of breast care!

Proper breast massage can stimulate the growth and development of the breast, make it Fuller, promote blood circulation, improve the elasticity of breast tissue, make the breast more smooth and delicate, and keep it firm and not sagging. It can also dredge lymph nodes and eliminate accessory breasts. The chest gets enough exercise to drive the contraction of the chest muscle group and improve the condition of the auxiliary breast.

(chest) massage method:

Chest essential oil massage

Massage the chest from the center of the chest. Please attach the palm to the breast, then massage from the inside of the chest to the outside, then massage back from the outside of the chest to the inside, and repeat the above actions 20 times.

  1. then massage from the position between the armpit and the chest, press and knead along the upper part of the chest, press and knead toward the inner side of the chest, and repeat about 20 times.
  2. hold one side of the chest with both hands, gently shake upward, and then repeat the same action on the other side of the chest.
  3. repeat step 2. The strength can be lightened. At this time, it is not necessary to push the breast inward.

Abdominal essential oil massage

Do you often feel that you have a big belly, your waist is loose, and your intestines are blocked?

Try abdominal massage. Kneading the abdomen can obviously improve the peristaltic function of small and large intestines, thus promoting defecation. At the same time, massaging the abdomen can stimulate the peripheral nerves, unblock the capillaries in the abdominal wall, promote the consumption of waist and abdomen fat, and achieve satisfactory waist and abdomen tightening effect.

(abdomen) massage method:

Abdominal essential oil massage
  1. rubbing: use the palm of your hand to draw a circle clockwise with the navel as the center, push and massage the abdomen, and repeat 10 to 15 times (you can overlap your hands to strengthen the massage).
  2. scraping: clench your hands and push and scrape your abdomen alternately. Use the finger joint to push and scrape from bottom to top, from left to right, and repeat 3 to 5 times.
  3. lifting: lift the abdomen alternately with the palms of both hands. Lift from bottom to top, from left to right, and repeat 10 to 15 times.

Leg essential oil massage

Please gently grasp and pinch your “calf” with your hand. How does it feel? Is it stiff and cold? Or is it warm and elastic?

People who are physically and mentally healthy and sleep well every day will feel “warm, soft and elastic” in their calf. On the contrary, if the calf is “colder than the palm, softer than the palm, less elastic, hard, swollen to no avail, there are hard lumps in the muscles, and there are obvious traces after pressing with the fingers”, it should be all people who feel unwell, often feel pain here and there, or have a lot of inner troubles and great pressure.

(leg) massage method:

Leg essential oil massage

Massage the calf with two hands alternately from the ankle to the knee from bottom to top, and repeat this action for 30 times on the left and right legs respectively.

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