Massage therapy can be roughly divided into active massage and passive massage

Active massage, also known as self massage, is a method of self massage

Passive massage means that professionals help you massage

The massage techniques are inconsistent, but the commonly used techniques can be divided into the following eight kinds: pressing, rubbing, pushing, holding, kneading, pinching, trembling, hitting, etc.

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What are the effects of traditional Chinese medicine massage?

01 dredge the meridians

Meridians are tissues distributed throughout the body, which can regulate the viscera and maintain the balance of the human body. In the treatment of diseases, traditional Chinese medicine often regulates various parts according to the meridians, and massage can dredge the meridians, mainly stimulating the local nerves and tissues to achieve the promotion effect.

02 end organizational adhesion

For local damage and inflammatory tissue adhesion, massage can be used for treatment. In this case, there will be problems in the blood circulation and lymph circulation of the lesion, and a large number of lesion products will appear. At this time, it is not easy to solve the problem of mutual adhesion between tissues, so it can be gradually loosened by massage.

03 solve dislocation

In life, dislocation caused by violent exercise or accidental injury is very common. Generally, traditional Chinese medicine will be sought for treatment, because traditional Chinese medicine can also reset and ensure that there is no damage to the body. This treatment method is massage. It is often applicable to the reduction of limbs or mandibular joints. After the reduction, massage can effectively help patients recover.

04 harmonizing HP

When traditional Chinese medicine carries out massage, it pays attention to soft force, and needs to massage according to acupoints and meridians, so that it can effectively stimulate the whole meridians and help them adjust the whole body. When the meridians are stimulated, the movement of Qi and blood in the human body will also be promoted, which can also improve the patient’s constitution.

05 disease prevention

Long term massage can prevent diseases, because the therapeutic effect of massage is obvious, which can help promote the function of the whole body and maintain the viscera, so as to prevent diseases. Because massage can promote the movement of Qi and blood, it is very effective for the prevention of cardiovascular diseases.

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