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On the evening of June 30, I went to bed very early and had a good sleep. On the 2nd, I got up early to practice yoga and made a circle of friends, which inspired me to get up early for my rare exercise.

Whole Full body spa experience

Full body spa near me

Maybe I just practiced the asana and didn’t do the relaxation part, or I haven’t done the relaxation and exercise of the muscles on the back of my thigh for a long time. The muscles on the back of my thigh are very sore during practice. The next day, the pain is particularly obvious, and you can feel the pain with every step.

On the evening of the 12th, I still felt no relief from the pain, so I massaged the whole leg myself. When massaging, there was a pain in my calf, so I focused on massaging my legs for about 40 minutes.

When I woke up the next day, I felt a lot less pain in my legs, and I couldn’t feel the pain when I walked. But I felt my face and hands were swollen. I looked in the mirror and found that my face was swollen, my hands were swollen, and the pain spot on my calf was bruised.

When I talked about this with my colleagues at work, I thought of some possibilities, so I wrote it out and discussed the differences and feelings between full-body massage and local massage.

In our whole body massage project, there is only one project, that is, whole body massage. The massage parts include head, shoulder and neck, waist and back, hands, hips, legs, chest and stomach. Massage the uncomfortable parts mainly, and massage other parts routinely.

Full body spa near me

Benefits of Full body spa

Pregnant mothers who have experienced whole-body massage will feel very relaxed and comfortable after whole-body massage, with improved sleep quality and significantly reduced pain in painful parts. Some pregnant mothers often come to massage during pregnancy, and they become loyal fans of maternal massage after childbirth. They continue to do whole-body massage projects for several years after childbirth.

Full body spa

Let’s think back and forth about the traditional massage items. Generally, people with uncomfortable shoulder and neck may go to massage the shoulder and neck. Generally, massage the shoulder and neck for 40~60 minutes; Some go to the foot bath, massage the legs and feet, some only massage the chest, and some only massage the hips. These items generally massage for about 60 minutes.

In our whole body massage program, 60 or 90 minutes massage the whole body, and the massage time in each part is relatively short. But after massage, the comfort of the whole body is very good, and the uncomfortable parts are also relieved a lot, especially the sleep quality is significantly improved, and the mood is more comfortable.

This experience brought me a lot of thinking. The difference between local massage and whole-body massage may reflect not only the effect that pregnant mothers want, but also what we need.

Recently, the prevention and control of Montreal epidemic is severe, and many people’s emotions will become unstable. Emotional instability has a great impact on the body. When it’s difficult to relax, let’s relax our bodies, relax our bodies, have a good sleep and improve our immunity. Let’s cheer together and fight the epidemic together.

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