What effect does Rose Massage Oil have (Montreal massagefang)

Question:What effect does Rose Massage Oil have ?

Answer: the composition of Rose Massage Oil determines its efficacy

[ingredients] rose essential oil, rose fruit oil, nested vegetable fruit oil.

[usage] skin care, bathing and massage.

[precautions] pregnant women and people sensitive to rose, rose fruit oil and vegetable fruit oil should avoid using it.

What effect does Rose Massage Oil have (Montreal massagefang)

1、 Psychological curative effect – the fragrance of rose is full of tender love, which can soothe people’s hearts, sweep away the depressed negative emotions, and let people re experience the joy and the joy of love, full of happiness.

2、 Physical efficacy – with excellent anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antioxidant properties, it can effectively relieve pain, cough, antidepressant, sleep and anti spasm; Help fight human immunodeficiency virus (HIV); It can relax tracheal smooth muscle; It is also helpful for abdominal pain and chest pain. It is especially suitable for women. It can balance hormone secretion, strengthen the uterus, and help with dysmenorrhea, premenstrual syndrome, physiological pain, menopausal discomfort, etc.

3、 Skin efficacy – it is an excellent skin care product, especially for mature skin. It can resist wrinkles, moisturize, lighten scars, improve skin roughness, spots, dryness and itching, astringe blood vessels, and improve microfilament vascular rupture and pregnancy marks.

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