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Want to know about two main types of massages ( Swedish and Deep tissue massages) being offered at all famous massage centers? Let’s have a deeper look into each one of them before discussing Swedish vs deep tissue massage.

What is the swedish massage?

Swedish massage therapy is the most common type of massages. Soft, light, rhythmic tapping and long  strokes, kneading, on muscles ( not deep but only on upper layers) along with the passive movement of joints are all part of Swedish Massage. This therapy is both energizing and relaxing. This is used for relieving muscle tension and may be helpful after an injury as well. If this is what you are looking for, grab on the opportunity to instantly get a Swedish massage near me without wasting another minute.

We offer 4 types of common strokes of Swedish massage at Swedish Massage Montreal as follows:

  • Friction: deep, circular motion that can break down scar tissue and help increase blood flow.  
  • Petrissage: squeezing and rolling combined with kneading
  • Effleurage: techniques to relax soft tissue using smooth and gliding strokes
  • Tapotement: short and alternate tapping with cupped hands, edges of hands or fingers.

What are the deep tissue massage?

Deep tissue massage at deep tissue massage Montreal is one of the best massages of all times. It can deal with painful or stiff part in your body making them relax. It involves the slow conscious strokes focusing pressure on deep layers of tissues, muscles and tendons. This massage is less rhythmic than Swedish massage. This therapy can help with muscle injuries, back sprain and relive chronic pain and stress in your body. Feel tired? Treat yourself with a deep tissue massage.  What are you waiting for? Book an appointment right now and find a Deep tissue massage near me.

Now when you have got an idea of what both these massages offer. Let’s discuss the difference between  Swedish and deep tissue massage so that you can decide which one to take.

The swedish vs deep tissue massage

1.Swedish massage

  • Gently relaxing
  • Long strokes
  • Light and firm pressure


Series of long and light strokes to relax your body, ease tension and improve blood circulation in the muscles.


As already said that it involves light to firm pressure strokes and you may feel that pressure is just not enough for you (depending upon your pain or ache)

Aimed usage:

Known to be used for relaxation. Can relief light tension and stress.

2.Deep tissue massage:

  • Forceful techniques
  • Focus on deep tissues and muscles
  • Releases tension from body


Deep tissue massage may contain the same strokes but with more force and pressure to address deeper tissues. This will ease tension much deeply inside the body beneath the muscles.


Deep pressure is applied to release all tension form deeper within the body.

Aimed  usage:

Used more like a treatment to relive deeper tension or muscle stress and strain. Greater pressure might not be pleasant for all so it can not be used for stress relief and relaxation like Swedish massage.

To get full advantage of any massage session it is important to understand the method that suits them best. So use our  Swedish vs deep tissue massage guide and get yourself a massage according to your desire and need. Book a treatment in massage spa near me, call (+1) 438-408-3698. Or email [email protected] or click here to make an online booking.

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