Montreal oriental massage near me open now

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Montreal oriental massage near me open now

Montreal oriental massage near

Massagefang in Montreal is definitely an authentic leisure club integrating Thai traditional massage, essential oil massage and spa. The masseurs here are all graduates of massage school. Although their looks and ages are not very uniform, the massage techniques absolutely make you want to stop.

what is oriental massage?

“Foot acupoint radiation”

There are reflex parts on both feet, which correspond to various parts of the body, glands and internal organs. By applying pressure to the reflex points, it can effectively relieve tension and promote blood circulation.

“Indian head massage”

This therapy combines Indian head massage with head and shoulder massage to achieve complete relaxation, so that you can forget the pressure and forget your troubles.

“Japanese energy finger pressure”

This massage is a dry massage, which can balance, stimulate or regulate the energy in the body, release the blocking energy, promote the blood flow and circulation, and improve the function of life organs by exerting pressure on the acupoints along the body meridians.


This Oriental massage therapy uses the broad and profound theory of traditional Chinese medicine as a guide, and uses rubbing, kneading, rolling, pushing, pulling, twisting, rubbing and other techniques to stimulate the meridians and acupoints of the whole body, balance yin and Yang, and relieve pain. This therapy focuses on various problem areas, such as back, neck, shoulder, waist, etc.

Montreal oriental massage near

“Chinese health massage”

This massage is professionally managed by Chinese technicians. Its technique is generally of medium strength. It uses acupressure, essential oil to open the back and other techniques. The whole process of massage uses essential oil, which can promote the blood circulation of the whole body and quickly relieve fatigue. It is the most traditional and comfortable massage technique in the ancient oriental massage.

“Thai massage”

Following the ancient tradition, Thai massage uses unique movements to stretch muscles and relieve stress, so as to achieve better health feeling and body flexibility.

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